Product Review: The Name Stamp

Product Review: The Name Stamp

If you are anything like me, you are constantly on the lookout for products that will help make your life easier. When I received Hazel’s daycare list and realized I had to label EVERYTHING, I could picture myself with a sharpie, a sleepless night, and a sore wrist. Then, as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I discovered The Name Stamp and I just had to try it.

I decided to order two stamps, one with Hazel’s full name, and one with just our last name (for items such as wet bags or towels). The order got delivered fairly quickly and the cute little box contained two stamps and two strips of white labeling tape (this is what you would use on dark clothes, you simply iron a little piece of white strip and stamp right on it). According to the website, you can stamp up to 1,000 times before the ink runs dry and each stamp lasts approximately 50 washes.

As soon as I unboxed the stamps, I started stamping. Obviously, I did not read the instructions, because there weren’t any in the box, so when I stamped the first few pieces, the ink did bleed a bit into the fabric. I went on the website and found out that they have posted the instructions and they state that you have to stamp on a blank piece of paper a few times before stamping on your clothes to avoid the ink bleeding into the fabric like it did mine. So if you do purchase these stamps, make sure you stamp on a piece of paper first to avoid my mistake!

Here’s what the stamp looks like on clothing:

Before stamping everything, I stamped a few pieces as a “test” trial. Since then, I have washed them several times and the stamp has not faded away. I highly recommend this stamp if you are looking for clothing labels that are easy to use, last long and won’t break the bank.

The stamps are reasonably priced, but for those of you who are budget friendly, like I am – always looking to score a deal – I managed to snag a promocode for you to use at checkout: SUGARANDSTORYTIME for 10% off any The Name Stamp products. Click here to buy your stamps – there is a big selection of styles and you can also chose cute emoticons to go with your label (like the little fairy I chose for Hazel).

How do you label your kid’s items for daycare/school?

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