The Ultimate Peter Rabbit Loot Bags

Due to Covid Constraints, we are not able to have a huge celebration as I would have liked to for Hazel’s first birthday. I made it a point that even if it was just us, Hazel would have a gorgeous party. Here in Quebec, the government has announced that we are able to hold small reunions of up to 10 people in our back yards, so we were not able to invite all of Hazel’s little friends – little friends which she has yet to meet – thanks covid! To me, attention to detail is key, which is why I’ve planned out every single detail, including the loot bags (party favors) that her would be attendees would have received.

We kept only those of the few friends that will be coming over and we dropped the others off at her friends’ homes with a little note saying “Hope we can celebrate my birthday together next year! Love, Hazel!

Here’s what’s in the loot bags:

  • Plastic reusable basket (from Dollarama)
  • Custom hand made carrot (from Decoluz)
  • Carrot shaped hand sanitizer (From Dollarama)
  • Bubbles (from Dollarama)
  • Custom sticker label for bubbles (Etsy: Best Celebrations) – printed at home on Avery Sticker Label paper (I have put it in my amazon store under the “Peter Rabbit” idea board).
  • Yummy goodies inside the bag: applesauce, fruit juice, rice krispies squares, tootsie roll lollipops, peanut free chocolate (kit-kat, smarties, coffee break, aero), rockets.

I have created an idea board on Amazon with my favorite finds to throw the ultimate Peter Rabbit Party. Check it out:

Amazon Canada

Amazon USA

Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

What else would you have included in the loot bags? Leave your comment down below, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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